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DROs and Service Credit Article 19, Incentive and Purchased Service Additional service credit, whether given because of an incentive or purchased, may affect the calculation of the ex-spouse’s share.

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Post & Dros is the specialist in machining engineblocks and parts for performance and use in Dragracing, Tractorpulling, Stockcar Formule 1 racing and many more performance sports and hobby's. Our specialty's are American V8 engineblocks. We will also work on normal and big engines running on dieselfuel, gasoline or any other type of fuel.

The State's DROS fee is $19.00 which covers the costs of the background checks and transfer registry. There is also a required $1.00 Firearms Safety Testing fee and a $5.00 Safety and Enforcement fee. dros Explained. search. dros at Welsh => English Of Explained: (prep.)