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Sep 11, 2018 · PPM stands for “parts per million” and is a unit of concentration. For example: let’s say there are 3 lbs of cannabis “diluted” in 999,997 lbs of water (for a total of 1 million even), we would say the concentration of cannabis is 3 PPM for those given weights.

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Recirculating DWC (rDWC) - is a method of growing that uses pipes to combine multiple containers into a single system. Water is recirculated between the containers using pumps to create flow. The primary disadvantage of rDWC is that root rot, or other pathogens, can quickly spread through the system.

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Selling a 20 gallon hydroponic RDWC system perfect for a 2x4 tent or could easily be expanded for any size. 5 gal pails with 6" air rings, 6" net pots with hydroton, covers (not pictured), 1/2" feed and 1 1/2" return. 70L reservoir with a 12" air stone, 172 GPH water pump and a 793 GPH air pump with check valves.

Sep 20, 2011 · Hey VoidObject, love the tutorial bro. DWC is so simple in design it amazes me that it even works when you see how complicated some of the other systems are. Anyway just thought I would throw out some advice since it happened to me recently. Functional scheme of the Growrilla RDWC 2-pot hydroponic cultivation system + control pot. Preparation of the Nutritive Solution Video tutorial on the preparation of the nutrient solution to grow in hydroponics with General Hydroponics Flora series fertilizer.