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With a jigging technique, it’s important to have a strong rod with a quick tip, especially if you plan on reeling in larger fish. Most anglers recommend low-stretch line such as braid or fluorocarbon for maximum sensitivity and hook-setting abilities.

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Other River Rods; Streamer/Lake Rods; Sale/Clearance Items; Sighter Materials; Reels; Flies. Ceramic Nymphs ; Dry Flies; Lake Flies; Custom Tied Flies; Fulling Mill Nymphs; Umpqua Nymphs; Perdigon Nymphs; Streamers; Fly Lines. Euro Nymphing Lines; Long Distance/Lake Lines; Trout Floating Lines; Flotants & Sinkants ; Nets & Accessories ; Leaders ... Feb 05, 2014 · Lake trout as in the species (Mackinaw) or lake trout as in average trout (rainbow, brown) in a lake? Mackinaw, use big jigging spoons, daredevle spoons, etc. up to 3/4oz, jig them vertically down...

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Makes a great stream Trout rod. Use this rod with very lightweight jigs. It is great for pitching them over the weeds or on the edge of the weed line. This rod is also good with smaller slip bobbers. The light action is designed to detect subtle strikes. MWS621MS: 6’2″ Medium: 1: 4-12lb: 1/8-1/2oz: Spinning: Jigging/Rigging: A very versatile rod. Sep 15, 2013 · After the jig falls two to five feet, reel in five or six feet of line, lift the rod tip back up to the starting position, and repeat the process until the jig has been retrieved and it’s time to cast again. As is the case with most jigging, the strike can be very subtle, because most salmon hit the lure as it’s falling on a slack line.

We carry a full line of fishing rods should you want to pick up a new Lake Trout rod when you arrive. Guide Choice: St. Croix Triumph 7’6” Medium , Fast Action , 6-12 lb, 1/4 – 5/8 oz.. REEL: Appropriate type according to rod type (spinning or casting) Sized to match length and action of rod. 110 yards of 12 lb test line. Dec 31, 2020 · Shakespeare Trout Rod; All the spinning rods on our list will get the job done when it comes to trout fishing. But, Shakespeare GX2 stood out as the Best Spinning Rod for Trout during our reviews. It is a medium action rod with a fiberglass and graphite blank. Choosing the right rod for trout fishing can make your fishing experience worthwhile. An absolutely unforgettable trip to the Gator Hole on a frigid morning with a bluebird sky. The speckled trout and redfish bit much better than we all expected with the post-front conditions of ...