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Land Cruiser: Generation : Land Cruiser 100 J7: Modification (Engine) 2.4 TD (LJ70/73) (86 Hp) Start of production : 1985 year : End of production : 1990 year : Powertrain Architecture : Internal Combustion engine : Body type : Off-road vehicle : Seats : 4+1 : Doors : 3 : Performance specs; Fuel consumption (economy) - urban : 12-13 l/100 km 19.6 - 18.09 US mpg

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^ Free Book Toyota Land Cruiser Srie Bj Et Hj Moteurs Diesel ^ Uploaded By Stephenie Meyer, worldwide in 1973 the toyota land cruiser hj45 was released it was a 36 litre diesel version of the japanese 4x4 with a long wheelbase chassis toyota released three major wheelbases on their original land cruisers the j40 the j43 and the j45 the

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"Our company was featured on the National Geographic Channel. We have imported and sold over 80 diesel land cruisers in the five years that we have been in business and have driven and inspected 100s of diesel cruisers. You can trust our expertise as the premier dealers of diesel Land Cruisers. "DescriptionThis is a super rare factory diesel pick up. It is a 1 ow

Jul 17, 2019 ยท In January 1998, the 100 series Land Cruiser was introduced to replace the 8-year-old 80 series. The 100 series was previewed in October 1997 as the "Grand Cruiser" at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show. Development began in 1991 under code name 404T, with the final design being frozen in mid-1994. Intercooler Kit FOR Toyota Land Cruiser 75 / 79 Series 4.2L 1HZ (Front Mount) ... For TOYOTA Landcruiser 80 series 1HZ 4.2L Turbo Diesel. ... diesel reliability and ...