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united engine. since 1978. dodge /chrysler/jeep 345 ci 5.7 l 2003-08 remanifactured. with mds engine. engine 2095.00. core deposit of 600.00 due prior to shipping your rebuildable core must be return with in 30 days for core deposit credit to be returned 375.00 shipping to a business with loading dock or forklift to lower 48 only

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If you're set on rebuilding your engine, you will need to do plenty of research, figure out what went wrong, and what needs to be replaced. Like nearly everything else in the world of cars, there is not one exact cost when it comes to parts or the overall price of an engine rebuild.

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For 20R, 21R, 22R and 22RE, 22RE-T and 22RE-C This is a new regrind, It it is legal in "stock lift" racing classes. The duration is what gives you the huge advantage over the stock camshaft. The specs are 220’ duration @ .050 .410 lift. Offering repairs of ECU, ECM, TCM, PCM, BCM, and many other electronic control modules. Our Skilled Module Experts will walk you through the process and options of getting your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Has your stock 22R or 22RE engine given up and isn't rebuildable anymore, or do you want to go through the hassle of a rebuild? How about an all brand new, street-able, performance replacement? Wait, say what??? You read that right!